Accent Maid Service


TYPE: Strategy, Web Design and ongoing Digital Marketing

INDUSTRY: Professional Cleaning Service


  • Digital Strategy
  • Website content marketing (CMS)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social and Content Marketing
  • Responsive Web Design


  • Developed website, social and content marketing plan
  • Reduced overall digital marketing spend by 69%
  • Increased Page 1 search results from 16 keywords to 47 keywords in four months
  • Increased Top 3 search results from 1 keywords to 12 keywords in four months
“I have worked with Marketpath since last summer putting together a new website, new email and social media. The staff has been great to work with and I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a reliable and professional company. I also love that they are local, which is very important to me.” Cheri Forslund, Owner of Accent Maid Service, Inc.



Accent Maid Service was spending a very large sum and a significant amount of their overall budget on digital marketing, yet the initiatives were not creating significant leads, or driving business results. Additionally, the way their former vendor’s programs were packaged made it very difficult to evaluate which components of their digital marketing had the best ROI. Finally, the Accent Maid Service website was somewhat of an afterthought: it was low end and didn’t shine a positive light on the Accent brand and was not developed with search engine optimization in mind. In other words, Accent Maids was spending a lot, but with little return for their investment.

After meeting with Cheri Forslund, the owner of Accent Maid Service, Marketpath was able to evaluate the effectiveness of the organization’s marketing initiatives, and recommend a new approach that they believed would dramatically reduce Accent Maid Service’s monthly spend, while also improving the company's brand perception and visibility.

Our plan was straightforward - create a web presence as impressive as the company itself with features to improve Accent Maid Service's credibility and ability to convert visitors into clients. But in addition, we needed the site and broader strategy to support Accent Maid Service’s digital marketing growth. The site couldn’t be static, it needed to be easy to update and designed to incorporate an ongoing content marketing strategy for the organization. Our focus would be on the new House Cleaning Tips and Insights blog, providing clients and prospects with value added and useful information. Finally, Marketpath assisted Accent Maid Service in building our their social presence through Google+, LinkedIn, and Facebook, to support brand recognition and visibility alike.

Accent Maid has been delighted with the new site, receiving extremely positive feedback from customers and prospects alike. But they are even more excited about the positive analytics results and the increase in Google & Bing keyword rankings and the increase in website leads.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Results:
In just 6 months the site had dramatic improvements for targeted keywords on Google & Bing:
Increase from 16 to 55 Top 10 Ranked Keywords (244% increase)
Increase from 1 to 21 Top 3 Ranked Keywords (2000% increase)
Increase from 0 to 10 Keywords Ranked #1

Website Traffic & Leads:
56% increase in website visits, with most traffic coming from organic search
120% increase in monthly website leads

Cost Reduction:
Reduced overall digital spend (website, content creation, online advertising & PPC) by 81.5% while still increasing overall monthly leads