Kids are going back to school and family vacations (or "trips" as  my wife refers to them) are coming to an end. Maybe the content ideas have flowed freely for you this summer, but like many, I seem to step away from the mode of being a creative writer for my day job. It's not until the school year calendar kicks in that I tend to get back on track. And that's when the writer's block really begins to kick in.

In an effort to help all of you that are also afflicted with Summer Break Writer's Block Syndrome I give you 5 simple, yet broad, ideas for new content you can add to your company's blog.

#1 - Spotlight a Customer

You have clients and many of them are probably great clients. Why not write one or more posts about different aspects of the business you've conducted with them? What were some of the challenges and how did you overcome them? How did you win the customer in the beginning? What services of yours did the customer use? Did you get a testimonial from them?

#2 - Teach

Teaching is a great content marketing strategy at any time. Prospects do a great deal of research online and often articles related to their need, i.e. your business offerings, will be their first point of contact with you. If you are able to establish yourself as an expert by providing them with some basic knowledge then you can get a leg up on the competition.

#3 - Highlight a Common Challenge

How are you solving customer challenges? You can write about one or more of these challenges and explain how you are able to help solve them. What research or analysis is required before doing any work? How do you come up with a strategy and plan of attack? What steps do you take during the execution of the plan? How do you measure its success?

#4 - Show Off an Employee

Having great customers is typically the result of having great employees. Content about employees (with the employees' approval) can show a more personal side of your business and give the employee a morale boost knowing how much they're appreciated.

#5 - Tell a Funny Story

Humor can be a strong factor for visitor engagement. Laughing (with you, not at you) creates a feel-good connection to your brand. Perhaps there's a common industry joke or comic. Or maybe you have a hilarious customer story you'd like to tell. Just be careful that your story doesn't alienate or anger prospects or existing customers. You could post some of your favorite outrageous negative reviews and offer up a humorous explanation to the contrary. Or you could tell a story about funny office shenanigans Just keep it light.