YouTube is a valuable tool for reaching customers with engaging video content. YouTube is an opportunity for a business to share their company culture and educate your customers and employees. If you have never set up a YouTube for a business here is a step by step guide to get started.

How to Create A YouTube Business Account

All YouTube accounts need to be directly tied to a Google+ account. There are two main ways to tie your brand to a YouTube account.

  • If you already manage a brand Google+ Page, you can use that to create a YouTube account for that brand.
  • Otherwise, you can create a YouTube account for a brand that will automatically create a Google+ Page for that brand.

Creating an Account With a Current Google+ Page

This is the most efficient way to create a YouTube account for your brand. If you don’t have a Google+ page for your business, you can learn how to set one up here. Once you’re logged into that Google+ page, follow these steps:

  1. On a computer or in a mobile browser, make sure you're signed in to YouTube.
  2. Go to All my channels.
  3. If you want to make a YouTube channel for a Google+ page that you manage, you can choose it here. Otherwise, choose Create a new channel to set up a channel with a different name than your Google account name.
  4. Fill out the details to create your new channel.

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