Indianapolis, IN - Employees of Marketpath, Inc. logged into the company's internal project management and support application and found a floating head of the founder and CEO, Matt Zentz, chasing the mouse wherever it was moved. Accompanying the floating head were terrible one-liner jokes that nearly caused one team member to choke on their morning Mocha Latte.

"I couldn't get the obnoxious head to go away and then these awful, awful jokes showed up," said Emily Oksay, a Senior Designer, "It scared me to death. I thought our site was hacked and was worried our support cases were exposed to some outside spy ring. I immediately reported this to our security team."

Samantha Heyman, Project Manager, was just as flabbergasted. "I came in to get some serious work done today and this is what I've had to deal with all day. It's a lousy prank and I wish whoever did it would fix it and let me work without these kinds of distractions."

Elsewhere in the office, desks were found trashed with post it notes covering every available surface and the coffee machine was turned into a Jello mold. "A Jello mold! For crying out loud! Who messes with the coffee?" commented Kevin Kennedy, CMO. "This has to be grounds for immediate dismissal. I'll be launching an internal investigation right away and following all handbook regulations for this one."

Even Jack Polson, UI Developer, was upset with the floating head. "I don't condone stogie time without my participation and this obviously did not include me."

The security team promised nominal progress and mediocre conclusions sometime within the next 4-6 months.