Now is the time to define your 2015 content strategy. Here are a few questions you should answer before the daily grind steals your time and attention:

  1. How often do you plan to post to your blog? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Be realistic if this is not a primary function for any of your employees. You could also hire an outside service to write copy on your behalf. Marketpath offers this service now.
  2. Will your content be limited to blog posts or will you write case-studies, white papers, or info graphics?
  3. What subjects will you use as the focus of your content? Will you focus on a core service or product offering or will you mix it up? 
  4. How will the content help to drive business? Are you trying to get newsletter sign-ups, on-site purchases, or do you want visitors to fill in a contact form?
  5. How will the content support your search engine strategy? What keywords will the copy support in order to drive new visitors to your site?

This is not an all inclusive list but just something to get the gears turning and remind you that your content marketing strategy for 2015 should be an important part of the overall marketing mix.