Financial Health FCU


TYPE: Website Design and Optimization
INDUSTRIES: Nonprofit and Finance


  • Website Strategy
  • Website Design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Web Content Management (CMS)


  • Financial Health FCU appears 47 times on page 1 of Google search results when searching industry related keywords. This is a 370% change from their previous site.


Financial Health FCU Case Study


Financial Health Federal Credit Union (FHFCU) approached Marketpath about redesigning their website to promote who they are and what they do. FHFCU has many helpful and educational tools and programs to assist a member with their financial health, but they were scattered and unorganized. FHFCU wanted a responsive design to assist their members and ultimately improve their member's financial health.


As a credit union, they wanted to highlight the difference between credit unions and banks, while increasing their visibility and better communicating their unique services and value-adds to both customers and prospects. 


The new website offers tools that FHFCU provides its members to help them improve their lives via better financial health. Marketpath organized the tools into four main groups: budgeting tools, emergency fund tools, retirement planning tools, and credit tools. Financial Health FCU's new website features a Financial Health Insights Blog where the credit union promotes upcoming events and advice on improving financial health.


As a result, members can view the website on any device with the new responsive design. It is now easier to access FHFCU's unique services and value-adds.



Key additions included the following:

Financial Health FCU Tools— Marketpath organized their financial health tools into four main groups budgeting tools, emergency fund tools, retirement planning tools, and credit tools. This makes it easier for website visitors to find and take advantage for all the tools and programs available to them.

Responsive, Web Design— FHFCU’s site now has a responsive design to improve the user experience while navigating the site. The new site was developed using a responsive (mobile-friendly) web design framework so that any user (phone, tablet, etc.) will have the best experience when viewing the site.

Financial Health FCU Insights Blog— FHFCU’s site now has a blog with helpful advice on improving member's financial health. The categories the blog covers is retirement planning, budgeting, and savings.