Your website is one of the marketing utensils you have in your apron. Are you making the most of it in order to entice and engage your website visitors (and potential customers)?

Feature Your Menu On Your Website

For most restaurants, the menu sitepage ranks in the top three of most visited pages on your site. If you have one, but it's a PDF or document, then you're losing out on valuable SEO. This means that menu items, descriptions, and prices should be listed as content on a page, but you already have a lot on your plate. 

A solution? Marketpath CMS' datastores.

Embed 3rd-Party Services

Embedding, or adding links and buttons, for services you offer like online ordering or reservations makes the most of these expenses, and provides value to your customers. Include these features in the header, footer, and as a call-to-action.

A solution? Marketpath CMS' snippets.

Calendar of Events

An event calendar on your website not only creates additional visibility for events at your restaurant or that your attending, but can help with search engine optimization (SEO). Featuring sign-ups or registrations, downloading coupons, or ways to donate can provide additional value on top of being able to learn about events you're participating in on their own time.

A solution? Marketpath CMS' calendar.


Search engines, and your customers, love fresh, new content. By blogging, you can easily provide news and insights about your restaurant. Blog posts can be lengthy, but they don't have to. Additionally, you can post a blog when you add anything to the above tools!

A solution? Marketpath CMS' blogs.

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