Increasing Visibility

For most organizations, getting noticed and getting found is the most important criteria in the digital marketing strategy. By using a fluid mix of high quality content, social media interaction, and search engine optimization techniques we can increase visibility to sites. 

Measuring Visibility

Total visitors, total page visits, referring page totals, ad impressions, ad clicks, followers, likes, "seen by" counts.

Increasing Engagement

Once real people land on a site they need to be engaged so they stick around for a while and either come back or make a conversion. Engaging visitors is very specific to every organization. We prefer to stay focused on content and resist the lure to appeal to everyone.

Measuring Engagement

Returning visitors, bounce rate, average page time and visits, shares

Increasing Conversions

Increasing conversions is the direct correlation to the sales funnel. Each conversion represents a step into the funnel. Some may only have one step (a one-time purchase) while others may have many steps to their funnel (a complex, multi-step campaign that guides prospects gracefully). 

Measuring Conversions

Form submissions, document downloads, phone calls, purchases