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Refractory Engineers Website Project by Marketpath



TYPE: Web Strategy, Design & Search Optimization


INDUSTRY: Refractory Products; Engineering; Construction Contractor Services

LOCATION: Indianapolis, Indiana


RESULTS (details further below):

  • Increased #1 Search Results (SERPs) 1,066% in 8 months
  • Increased Top 3 Search Results 700%
  • Increased Top 10 (Page 1) Search Results 300%
  • Website traffic (visits) has increased an average of 28.6% per year over the past 6 years (since working together)
  • Website leads have increased an average of 21.6% per year over the past 6 years



Marketpath worked closely with our team on our website and digital strategy, developing a site that has helped to increase our brand credibility, while also improving our site visibility and traffic via enhanced SEO. We've worked with them for a number of years and I'd strongly recommend them to other businesses!

I can also update the site easily with Marketpath CMS, and if I ever have issues, their support team is extremely responsive.
- Scott Sauer (Sales and Marketing)



Refractory Engineers CASE STUDY


Refractory Engineers, Inc. (REI), located in Indianapolis, is a leader in refractory materials supply. In business since 1962, REI distributes high quality refractory materials and high temperature consumable products through the Midwest. Refractory Engineers’ sister company, Ceramic Technology, Inc. (CTI), which shares the same headquarters, provides related refractory engineering and construction services.


Until late 2013, Refractory Engineers and Ceramic Technology relied, almost 100%, on their traditional sales channel to create leads and drive sales. They were known in the industry, but had very limited marketing, and their websites did little to support their growth. In fact, the websites, which were only a few pages each, probably hurt the company’s credibility, as the sites were outdated, extremely basic, and cheap looking.

The challenge for Refractory Engineers and Ceramic Technology was to modernize their digital marketing, create a web presence to support both brands and communicate their expertise and extensive capabilities while supporting their traditional sales channel by generating prospects and supporting the sales team throughout the product life cycle.


Marketpath worked with the Refractory team to develop their digital strategy, including plans for a new, integrated website that would market both the Refractory Engineers and Ceramic Technology brands. Before the new site could be designed, however, Marketpath first researched the industry, targets, competitors, and how prospects searched for unique refractory products and services.

This research led to a plan and website design that focused on three main areas: 1) unique refractory products (offered by REI), 2) value add from related construction services (CTI focus), and 3) industry expertise in areas such as power plants and steel mills. Finally, the plan included ongoing content marketing that focused on creative blog articles, featured projects, and developing a B2B social presence.


Within 6-9 months of the initial launch, REI was already seeing dramatic improvements in search results, site traffic, and leads. Results have continued to grow annually as REI has increased content and upgraded to a responsive, mobile-friendly website. The blog, in particular has grown in popularity, with 21% of site traffic during 2018-2019, viewing blog articles. Other impressive stats are listed below.

Prior to launch, the websites showed up in the #1 search results (SERPs) for 3 targeted keywords on Google and Bing. Within 8 months of the new site launch, Refractory showed up in #1 result for 35 keywords, a 1,066% increase. Prior to launch, the site also showed up in the Top 3 Results for 6 targeted keywords. Within 8 months, REI showed up in top 3 results for 48 keywords, a 700% increase.

Over the past six years the site has continued to evolve with a few minor refreshes, but execution of the plan has been consistent. During that time website traffic (visits) has increased an average of 28.6% per year while website leads have increased an average of 21.6% each year, helping to drive consistent company growth.