Q: How much is support?
A: Support for active Marketpath CMS users is free and unlimited by phone (800-657-7786) or email (

Q: What are some of the things that Marketpath CMS allows me to manage?
A: Check out our Marketpath CMS Features page.

Q: What is Software-as-a-Service (or SaaS)?
A: SaaS means that you are simply subscribing to the software, which is great for a few reasons. First, there are no large, upfront licensing fees making the cost of entry much lower than installed products. Second, with SaaS, there is no software or hardware to install and maintain. We take care of all of the updates and bug fixes. Finally, SaaS products are available from any computer with an Internet connection, making them extremely flexible.

Q: What about website hosting?
A: A subscription to Marketpath CMS includes website hosting, load balancing, automatic data backups, and site monitoring.

Q: Are Marketpath CMS sites load balanced?
Yes, every site within Marketpath CMS is automatically load balanced and provisioned into clusters based on overall site activity.

Q: Can we host our own website somewhere else but still use Marketpath CMS?
A: No. For Marketpath CMS to work properly, your website must be hosted on Marketpath servers.

Q: Where is your server infrastructure located?
A: We use Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing platform for all infrastructure?

digital marketing insights

Social Entrepreneurship Capital Firm Launches Website

Bertzman Social Ventures is a merging of the founders’ passion and professional experience. Seeking to assist entrepreneurs working in the social sector, they’re goal is to provide both social impact investing and consulting. They started with a logo and a mission. Then they needed a website that was flexible and allowed them to connect with entrepreneurs and impact social innovation.

Top CMS Features: Navigation Shortcuts Enhance Ease of Use

Marketpath CMS allows any user to set up shortcuts for common actions and edits made to a website. These shortcuts, like a shortcut icon on your desktop, allow a user to jump directly to what they’re wanting to accomplish. In addition to being useful, it is customizable!

Safety Consulting & Service Organization Launches New Website

Marketpath is honored to design and develop a mobile-responsive, timeless, and optimized website for long-time client, Safety Resources. As a result, Safety Resources can now leverage their website to position themselves as a national safety consulting and training organization and strengthen their lead generation efforts. Safety Resources can also easily manage content for their over 30 services, while their website visitors will experience greater usability and a modern, professional look and feel.