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Top CMS Features: Datastores

Datastores can allow for flexibility for end users to style content. A datastore is a mini database of information maintained by site editors. Developers can filter and render data in just about any manner requested on the website. Where other content types require you to use custom fields to add new data to items, a developer can bake it into the definition of your own objects using datastores.

Top CMS Features: Image Presets

Marketpath CMS offers an extension to our image editor interface that we call Image Presets. Image presets are simply groups of settings that are easy to apply to edited images in the future and are easy to apply to images in templates. This gives the user or the developer control to dynamically resize images "on the fly" so that they are the correct size or aspect ratio. You can even add "special effects" such as alpha transparency, rotation, and more if desired.

What is GDPR? How does It affect my website?

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation that has been passed by the European Union (EU) to protect and strengthen individual’s personal data on the internet. Does your website collect personal data from your visitors? Do you do business with the EU? If so, your company’s website must be updated by May 2018 in order to remain compliant. Companies that fail to update their website will be subject to massive fines.Learn how to make your website compliant.